10 Most Horrible Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

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The 10 Most Horrible Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

The way you get popular on Twitter seems about the same way you get popular in real life: Be funny and interesting and know the right people. Still, the Internet thinks you can get there without actually being, you know, followable. Here’s how (not) to do it!posted 


Katie HeaneyBuzzFeed Staff

1. Sign Up, Add “Handsome” To Your Handle

Sign Up, Add "Handsome" To Your Handle

I think looks-based compliments, especially, are like nicknames: It’s uncomfortable if you give them to yourself! Please just have a normal Twitter handle, your name or otherwise. There is a teen girl in the U.K. who has my name (and her name, allegedly) as her handle, but you don’t see me adding complimentary prefixes to my handle to lure you in under false pretenses.

2. Go To All The Cool Twitter Parties

Go To All The Cool Twitter Parties

Who goes to a Twitter party? Personal brands. What do they serve at a Twitter party? Platters of the same joke, reheated. (Ugh, sorry.) What do you wear to a Twitter party? Unnatural lighting. Is this a real thing? I think Twitter parties just mean normal parties in which you sit on your phone, talking to nobody, tweeting. You could try it.

3. Use #Lots #Of #Hashtags

Use #Lots #Of #Hashtags


4. Say “Hey” To Everyone You Follow

Say "Hey" To Everyone You Follow

If I followed someone and that person immediately tweeted a greeting to me, I would climb under my desk and never come out. Too scary!

5. Unfollow Jerks Who Don’t Follow You Back

Unfollow Jerks Who Don't Follow You Back

EVERYONE knows that if your followER and followING counts are nearly even, something is up. What shady under-the-table deals are going on here? Do the people who are following you even like you? Do you even like THEM?

6. Call People to Thank Them for Retweeting

Call People to Thank Them for Retweeting

Buy a fruit basket. Carry it over to the person’s house. Knock on the door. Nobody’s home! Lie down on the front stoop with the fruit basket on your belly. Just wait.

7. Live-Tweet Your Friends, But With Movie Quotes

Live-Tweet Your Friends, But With Movie Quotes

This one is actually a really good idea! Oh, wait…

8. Add Sound Effects

Add Sound Effects


9. Repeat Yourself, Repeatedly

Repeat Yourself, Repeatedly

😮 😮 😮

10. Give Up and Buy Them All

Give Up and Buy Them All

It’s like they always say: “The best things in life are brainless spam Twitter accounts that say nothing and see nothing but follow you, silently and blindly, to the ends of the Earth, because you paid them to.”

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