20 Best Asses in Hollywood

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20 Of The Best Ba-Donka-Donks In Hollywood

» By Julia Austin September 5, 2012, 11:11am




Cameras steered clear of this rear on MTV’s TRL probably so as not to distract the audience but luckily on her new VH1 reality show, LaLa gives us plenty of great views.



Tracee Ellis Ross

"Tracee Ellis"
Her sitcom Girlfriends may have gone off the air but Tracee is still on our radar with that rump.


Kandi Burruss

"Kandi Burruss"
Kandi is a phenomenal producer, businesswoman and we take her seriously and all that but, can we objectify her for just a moment and appreciate the butt attached to that brain?


Jennifer Lopez

"Jennifer Lopez"
Some may argue that JLO was the star that made butt’s “in style.” Even after having kids, Jenny from the block has kept that booty in shape.


Erykah Badu

"Erykah Badu"
This singer-songwriter and activist rarely plays up her assets but she can’t hide what’s going on back there.



Sofia Vergara

"Sofia Vergara"
To maintain that “motherly” aura, the directors of Modern Family rarely film Sofia from behind. But we’re glad somebody did!




We don’t know if it’s real and we don’t care. A big booty was the only thing that would balance out her big boobs and make it possible for this curvy reality star to walk!



Serena Williams

"Serena Williams"
There’s an alarming number of men watching women’s tennis. Hmm… we wonder why.


Natalie Nunn

"Natalie Nunn"
Amongst all the drama and venom-spewing, Natalie always seemed confident. Maybe it’s because she knew she could crush someone with that butt.


Iggy Azalea

"Iggy Azalea"
This Australian hiphop star may look petite and delicate on the top, but she’s hiding some massive lady lumps in the back.




There’s only one thing keeping men from being extremely annoyed from this ultra female-empowerment singer. Okay, two things—or bumps to be exact.



So that’s what JR Smith and Joe Budden were fighting over.


Amber Rose

"Amber Rose"
Amber is worldly, elegant and fashionable but all of that gets trumped by her rump!


Kim Kardashian

"Kim Kardashian"
You knew she’d be on here. And as you all wonder, “Why exactly is Kim famous?” here is one of your possible answers.


Nicki Minaj

"Nicki Minaj"
All the blue wigs and ice white lipstick in the world won’t distract us from what’s going on under those radical outfits.


Vida Guerra

"Vida Guerra"
This model may not be as much of a household name as the other ladies but she did win FHM’s Best Butt In The World Award twice.


Buffie Carruth

"Buffie Carruth"
We love Buffie aka “Buffie The Body” because she’s a model larger than a size zero. Her ba-donka-donk has landed her on hip hop magazines and videos.


Jessica Biel

"Jessica Biel"
Okay we’ll say it: Jessica’s got a nice behind for a white girl. No wonder magazines are always trying to interview her about her workouts.


Melyssa Ford

"Melyssa Ford"
Model Melyssa has kept everything tight and tiny except for one thing, and that’s a good thing.


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