PawnStars Cast Being Sued For $5 Million.

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It’s not a good day to be a Pawn Star.

Reality stars Richard B. Harrison, Richard K. HarrisonRichard C. Harrison and Austen Russell are subject to a whopping $5 million lawsuit, filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court by Venture IAB Inc. talent agency, who claims they lost that massive amount in commissions based on its 10 percent interest in their income, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The talent agency, who signed a contract with the stars in 2007 and helped them score the History Channel series, say that network execs steered the Pawn Star cast toward another agent, and rival, Michael Camacho.

“As a result of the intentional interference with Agency Agreements, Plaintiff has lost millions of dollars of income,” the suit alleges.

Storage Wars star files lawsuit against the show

In early 2010, the network’s top executive Nancy Dubuc and development and programming VP Mary Donahue allegedly “interfered” with the written contract between Venture IAB and the reality stars, urging them to terminate their agreement “so that Dubuc’s and Donahue’s friend and agent, Michael Camacho of UTA, could take over.”

The talent agency and show reps were not immediately available for comment.

On top of all that, Pawn Stars‘ Rick and Corey Harrison reportedly got fined by police after trashing their campground in Glamis, Calif., over Thanksgiving weekend.

Like we said—not a good day.


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