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Bad Reviews: Celebrities Whose Love-Making Skills Got Dissed By Their Exes

Posted on December 6th, 2012 – By Bossip Staff

Shaq and Hoopz

Celebrities Alleged To Have Bad Lovemaking

The worse thing most of us can have said about us is that we’re horrible in bed. It’s a nightmare. Unfortunately, these celebrities have been called lackluster in the sack. It’s bad to hear ,but even worse when the whole world hears the bad reviews. We wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemies.

So here they are: a gallery of celebrities who got called terrible in bed. Yikes.




Rob Kardashian – Rita Ora allegedly went on twitter and said Rob Kardashian’s schlong delivery was “wack,” forcing her to go other places. But it’s also believed the tweet was made by Perez Hilton. Who knows?



Young Jeezy – One groupie tale said that he was lame in bed and sort of a letdown.


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Hugh Hefner – Crystal Harris told the world he was too old to keep it up and get the motion going in the ocean. It’s so wrong to pick on the old guy



50 Cent – One particular exotic dancer decided to rate Fiddy a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10. Ouch.



comedy shaq

Shaq – Superhead said his package was lacking. Bad look for his size, no?


g friday night with jonathan ross 150509

Eminem – Of course Kim said he needed Viagra to get it together…but it may be sour grapes.



John Mayer – Jenn Anniston apparently said he wasn’t all that. Go figure.


"Get Him To The Greek" - Los Angeles Premiere - After Party

Russell Brand- Katy Perry was alleged to be “disappointed”…her bar must have been set reaaaal low anyway.



Tiger Woods – One of his side pieces Jamie Grubbs said he was “horrible.” Can’t please em all.
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