Celebrity Couples Who Post Freaky Flicks for The World!

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TMI? Celebrity Couples Who Post Freaky Flicks Of Each Other For The World To See

Posted on January 3rd, 2013 – By Bossip Staff


Couples Who Reveal Too Much In Pictures

Isn’t it nice to have access to social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter? They give us access to the lives of the celebrities we love so much. Some couples totally embrace these programs and go all the way overboard when it comes to showing how much they love each other. They overstep kissy face pics for going all-around freaky.

These celebrity couples are not at all ashamed to show off their love in the most revealing ways possible. Let’s take a look at some of the intimate pics they love to give us.



Rihanna and Chris Brown – They’ve gotten back together and put all of their pics online for the world to see. Just a couple of days ago they put pics of themselves in bed together for us to watch.


draya erica

Draya Michelle – If she’s with someone, you best believe a freaky pic is going online. Man or woman.


Chad and Evelyn – They did a bunch of pics for magazines where they get all touchy-feely. Nothing on social media for free. Chad on the other hand? All of his business is on the Inernet if you look hard enough.


The Beckhams – These two love to touch all up on each other for advertisements no less. At least they’re getting paid big bucks for it.


Kanye and Amber – These tongue-touching pics were a little too much for us. You can see every molecule of spit they transfer. Then, of course, there were the special pics of Amber that leaked.


Wiz and Amber – These two put up all kinds of freak pics online but Wiz putting YKK on her zipper in front of a live crowd takes the cake.


Lamar and Khloe – These two posed without any clothes on and…well…ew.




Ice T and Coco – They posed totally in the buff for Ice T’s album cover…which you’ll have to look online for because it’s not at all SFW.


Joe Budden and Kaylin – These two just need to get a room. Instagram is their personal sex mirror.



mariah carey nick cannon

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey – When Mariah got pregnant, she and Nick posed with him covering up only her milk factory. It would have been hot if she weren’t in her third trimester.

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